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Have you ever gotten an email offering you $500 to wrap your car with an advertisement?

These kinds of offers are often a check-cashing scam. The “marketing company” sends you a check to deposit and then instructs you to use the money with a specific business. The trick is that the check is bad and the other business is part of the scam, leaving you out $500. 

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Job searching can also lead to many scams. Irreputable “job application” sites can result in identity theft and even land you in hot water with law enforcement. Be careful when looking for jobs.

If a job application asks for too much personal information like your drivers license number, social security number, names of family or friends, and/or a deposit from your bank, question it!

Job scams are posted on common job sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, and may attempt to look legitimate by having a fake LinkedIn page. Do your homework to make sure the employer is legit. Google the employer, find the phone number and physical address, and research the business. 

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