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These three simple steps help secure your identity and UNCG login credentials.

  1. Avoid phishing.
  2. Use strong passphrases.
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication.

Avoid Phishing

Would you recognize a phishing email if you got one?

Common signs of phishing emails include:

“Urgent: Your account needs updating!” Attackers want to make you panic so that you will hand over personal information. Don’t act in haste—investigate.
Personal info is requested. An attacker’s goal is to get your personal information like passwords, tax ID numbers, and bank account information. Don’t give it to them!
Misleading links. Attacker links look a lot like trusted links. Hover over the link to see where it goes before clicking it.

If you doubt the authenticity of an email or a website asking for UNCG login credentials, contact 6-TECH.

If you believe your account has been compromised, immediately reset the password via reset.uncg.edu and contact 6-TECH immediately.

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Use Strong Passphrases

Passwords are out. Passphrases are in!

A strong passphrase is over 16 characters. Long phrases protect important information and essential services better than easily guessable passwords.

Brute force attacks take time. Just how much time does it take to crack a passphrase? It depends on the length of the passphrase.

8-character passphrase - cracked in less than day

12-character passphrase - cracked in about 4 months

16-character passphrase - cracked in 280,000 years

How to Create a Passphrase

Combine unrelated words that evoke an image that is easy to remember, like Dancing StrawberryDoctor.
Or, create a short phrase that has personal significance, like OurFavoriteBeach.

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Turn on Two-factor Authentication

UNCG accounts are better protected by two-factor authentication, a security tool that requires more than one method to verify that the user logging in is the user who should be logging in.

  • With two-factor authentication, hackers cannot take over an account, even if they get the password. By using a passphrase in conjunction with another device such as a smartphone, an extra layer of security is added.
  • All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to enroll in UNCG 2FA.
  • Enrollment is mandatory for some groups of users who deal with sensitive data or anyone who has had their accounts compromised more than once.

Watch a quick video on how to use 2FA.

Learn how to Get Enrolled with UNCG 2FA.

See more cyber security tips: ITS is sharing cyber security tips throughout the month of October for National Cyber Security Awareness Month.